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Origins - Festival of First Nations

October 23 – November 3 and November 27-29 2013

Explore the world’s indigenous cultures

origins photo For Origins 2013, Border Crossings is bringing to London some of the world's foremost indigenous musicians, dancers and choreographers, theatre-makers, visual artists, film-makers and cooks, to perform and inform, to exhibit and explain, to debate and celebrate.

We will lead you into extraordinary adventures, experiences and cultural encounters. Most of our artists are being seen in London for the first time, and will share with you sights, sounds and stories which originate far from any beaten track.

First Nations are ancient cultures – including Aboriginal Australian, Inuit, Māori, Maya, Native American, Pacific Islanders, Papuan, Sámi, Saharawi, and Gaelic.

An ancient culture is not a dead culture, and the artists in Origins are not purveyors of museum pieces and tourist tat. Rather, these are artists whose deep cultural roots give them powerful and specific viewpoints on the key issues of the current moment: on climate change and human rights, on migration and globalisation.

Origins is more than an international arts festival: it is a space for dialogue between First Nations artists and London audiences.

There's something here for everyone – something truly different – encounters that you will always remember.

As the Māori say
Tēnā koutou katoa – welcome everyone

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This year most events take place at Rich Mix and The Place

  • RichMix
  • Call 020 7613 7498
  • Book in person at:
    Rich Mix, 35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, London E1 6LA
  • The Place
  • Call 020 7121 1100
  • download full event listing

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