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24 May, 2015

Pathway 2: Politics and Protest

Origins has always been a political festival, and this year's programme particularly reflects the worldwide indigenous protest against continuing imperialism, economic colonisation, and the...

21 May, 2015

A Pathway through the Festival: 1. Elders and Youth

The programme for the Origins Festival is vast - our biggest yet by far - so it can be quite a challenge to find your way around it.  To help out, we've traced three Pathways through the Festival...

13 May, 2015

Heritage Project Manger

Marine Begault has joined the Festival's core team as our Heritage Project Manager.  Marine is a freelance drama practitioner with experience working with children and young people in various...

11 May, 2015

Volunteer for Origins 2015!

Origins is the UK's only festival of indigenous cultures from around the world.  It takes in theatre, ceremony, film, music, dance, food, talks and participation, working with indigenous artists...

23 April, 2015

Full programme announced for Origins Festival of First Nations 2015

Following the success of previous Origins Festivals, Border Crossings today announces the full programme for its Origins Festival of First Nations 2015 with tickets now on sale through all venues...