Ali sa be sa be (Rugged Rock Cliffs)

Ali sa be sa be - 土石流 (Rugged Rock Cliffs)
Strapping and elastic cord, dimensions variable, 2021

Ali sa be sa be (Rugged Rock Cliffs) depicts the path along which Eleng Luluan has returned to the Old Kucapungane community in recent years. Inexplicably, she fears recall. She drives the deepest thoughts of her heart to go home. She evokes her Rukai ancestors, rooted in this land. 

During Typhoon Morakot in August 2009, the New Kucapungane community once again experienced catastrophe as their tribal landscapes were destroyed. After a landslide on the mountain, the Rukai people tried to return to Old Kucapungane. The road was blocked, and so they had to open another path. The destroyed road is still there. After the typhoon, it gave light. Ali sa be sa be presents Luluan’s return to Old Kucapungane, both the physical and emotional experience, crying in response to the face of the earth on her precipitous climb to the peak.