Eleng Luluan


Installation artist, environmental and textile sculptor, Eleng Luluan 峨冷.魯魯安​ (b. 1968) belongs to Kucapungane (Haocha) Community of the Rukai Nation in Pingtung County, southern Taiwan. Luluan’s work reinterprets traditional Rukai weaving techniques to recall the rootlessness of her childhood. It exposes a deep longing for her lost homeland, constructing and deconstructing mixed-media materials, whose tensile and conceptual strength challenges limiting gender identities. Her materials range from wood, plant fibres and silver grass to Styrofoam. She began working in contemporary Indigenous art in 2002 at the age of 32 when, seeking a space for self-determination, she moved to the Dulan community in Taitung, eastern Taiwan. 

Working through techniques that keep her practice close to nature, Luluan uses plain, natural materials in her artistic creations. Her work explores and challenges gender identities, discourses of settler-colonialism, diasporic, migrant, transnational and transcultural histories through Indigenous ways of knowing in contemporary art. She specialises in sculpture and composite media and environmental installations. Her art practice addresses head-on the monumental issues facing Indigenous Taiwanese people - their communities’ colonial wounds and land disasters - inviting us to be witnesses and to engage in a caring, poetic and beautiful way with their dispossession.

Click below for her art works:

Ali sa be sa be (Rugged Rock Cliffs)

Senseless Murmurs

Ocean Waste

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