Flies and Shifts in Between Time

Flies and Shifts in Between Time - 時光荏苒
Wool, cotton, silk on cloths by inking, dimensions variable, 2021

The sun is falling on the ground, reflecting back off the road. It’s a warm light, and there’s a gentle wind. 

The air is fragrant.  Who is the artist making this scene? The scattered branches and leaves are like memory-written notes, falling on my feet as I walk.

The end encounters the wind. It is the air-call of the ancestor spirit, a deep blessing evoking a warm memory. I can paint the outline, the original appearance, and the most basic texture of that time, and seek the initial touch. Everything is so natural and beautiful, appreciating the gift of the ancestor spirit.  

Through ‘rubbing’, my hands will touch the essence of this moment. 

In this process of ink rolling and ‘printing’, the eyes must pay attention to the relationship between the material and the paper. This relationship is like my life, always paying attention to identity, culture, survival, and values. It is a pluralistic, multi-tasking existence, full of challenges. 

‘Rubbing’ carried the definition of my life, returning me to my ancestral town: Paridrayan community, my home, my cultural heritage, my childhood memories. After Typhoon Morakot on 8 August 2009, we were not allowed to return to our community. It is impossible for us to dismantle and relocate the community, so what should we do? By ‘rubbing’, letting that trace be produced through my hands, I carry something of that memory into my work. Perhaps this is the way we can be creative now