Milay Mavaliw

Interdisciplinary painter and installation artist Milay Mavaliw 米類.瑪法琉​ (b. 1962) belongs to the Pinuyumayan Nation, coming from the Katratripulr community of Taitung County in eastern Taiwan. She has studied in Tokyo, Japan, and has shared Pinuyumayan culture by fusing visual art with the interactive practice of Indigenous storytelling, ceremonies and symbolic totem. She believes that only language can bring to light a precarious culture, one in which that language can be voiced through contemporary art and literature. Her work not only reinterprets the story of Taiwan to include the existence of First Nations, but also features the flux of modernity and convention within Pinuyumayan mythologies. Her artworks express  the incessant advances and changes and the rhythmic lifelines of Indigenous peoples through the changes of time. Culture and art are blended into an ethnic totem to show passion, vitality and courage.

Click below for her art works:

- Resurgence

- Indigenous Women

Click here for Milay's video talk