3 June, 2019

Pathways Through the Festival - 2. Participation

Our second Pathways blog charts the Participatory element in this year's ORIGINS.  

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Ino Moxo

31 May, 2019

Pathways Through the Festival - 1. Migrations

The first of this year's Pathways blogs focuses on Migration: a theme central to this year's ORIGINS.  

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20 May, 2019

Join ORIGINS Free Dance Workshops in North Kensington!

Brian Solomon (Anishinaabe, First Nations from Canada) will lead workshops that will be a collaboration between community members, and a professional choreographer and professional dancers. This...

8 May, 2019

Looking for Volunteers!

We're looking for Volunteers on our programme of Indigenous Arts and Culture, from June 9-23.  We need Volunteers to help our international guests in navigating the city, to Steward events and...

4 March, 2019

Launching ORIGINS 2019

Indigneous Australian violinist and composer Eric Avery performed in the Great Court of the British Museum on March 1st, giving us a great platform to launch the 2019 ORIGINS programme!