6 August, 2018

Extraordinary Rituals

Starting on 19th August at 9pm, BBC2 is screening an important new documentary series called EXTRAORDINARY RITUALS, narrated by Simon Reeve.  

As part of the project, ORIGINS has worked...

21 June, 2017

PASIFIKA - cancelled in response to Grenfell Tower fire

It is with sadness that we have decided respectfully to cancel our PASIFIKA event, which was to be held at Emslie Horniman’s Pleasance in North Kensington on Saturday afternoon, in response to the...

5 June, 2017

Pathways Through the Festival - 4. Indigenous Women

This fourth Pathway engages with the many extraordinary indigenous women who will be present at ORIGINS 2017.  From Australia to the Arctic, the Pacific to Pocahontas, ORIGINS engages with...

31 May, 2017

Pathways Through the Festival - 3. Environment

Our third Pathway Through the Festival looks at the environmental agenda - from the Standing Rock protests to the sinking islands of the Pacific and the melting ice of the Arctic.  ORIGINS...

25 May, 2017

Pathways Through the Festival - 2. Youth

Our second Festival Pathway concentrates on Youth.  There are Family shows and great days out, coming of age stories and musical fables.  There's dancing and comedy.  And there's also a gritty...