Saturday, June 17, 2017 Start time: 1:58 pm


Venue: Rich Mix

2.00pm      The Menzies Centre Talk
Prof. Marcia Langton, Chair of Indigenous Studies at University of Melbourne, discusses Indigenous Australian artist and film-maker Tracey Moffatt with Ian Henderson from the Menzies Centre at King’s London.  Includes a screening of Moffatt's great film NIGHT CRIES, starring Marcia Langton!

3.30pm    Contemporary Indigenous Australian art and new media
Panel includes indigenous Australian artists Julie Gough and Christian Thompson, plus Prof. Marcia Langton.  Chaired by Rebecca Hossack. 

4.30pm    Contemporary First Nations art from Canada and the USA
Panel includes Dennison Smith from the Baldwin Gallery, artist Sonny Assu, Wampanoag scholar Gabe Hughes and Dakota Sioux art historian Stephanie Pratt  

6.00pm    Pocahontas at 400 
A panel including Stephanie Pratt and Graham Harvey discusses the significance of the anniversary

Tickets: £5 - the ticket buys you admission to as many of the day's talks as you wish