Saturday, November 6, 2021 Start time: 2:30 pm


Venue: Warwick Arts Centre

Quechua theatre-maker José Navarro works with an exquisite cast of hand-made puppets to tell the story of the Peruvian Amazon, its extraordinary importance and its devastating destruction. This is a tale of the region’s intricate links to the global ecosystem and to the Indigenous people who care for it.

The many wonderful characters in AMAZON VISIONS remind us of the richness of animal life and that every creature who lives on Earth is connected. The story also reminds us that the way we live on Earth today has far reaching consequences, affecting even the smallest creatures in places we may never have visited. How can our actions here and across the planet help those in the greatest need?

Created and Performed by: José Navarro
Original Music and Sound Design: Nick Acorne and Cameron McBride
Stage Design: Bella Lane
Glove Puppets by: José Navarro
String Puppets by: José Navarro, Marten Lierman, Angel Navarro, Sarah Vigars
Flat Puppets by: Ayman Hmdom, Edita Matulionyte
Rod Puppets: Tatiana Borisova

Suitable for ages 7+

In association with CHANGE FESTIVAL.