Sunday, June 25, 2017 Start time: 3:58 pm


Venue: Rich Mix

In the palace of dreams, the supreme protector of animals and nature - the Goddess Poluknalai - guards the Ool, holder of the eight keys of the elements.

After several suspicious incidents which result in terrible loss of life, both animal and environmental, Poluknalai is convinced by Baba the Baboon to take a break.  As soon as Poluknalai is out of the picture, Baba wreaks havoc and steals the keys from the Ool causing global environmental chaos.

The goddess resolves to rescue the Ool, save the universe and to teach BABA THE BAD BABOON a lesson he’ll never forget... but will she make it in time?

Samoan writer and composer Sani Muliaumaseali'i’s new musical for family audiences gets its first outing at ORIGINS. 

Tickets: £10