Wednesday, September 22, 2021 Start time: 6:01 pm


Venue: Online

Join us for this latest ORIGINS online talk, which is part of Manchester Museum's (University of Manchester) Indigenising Manchester Museum programme. Rosalyn LaPier is an award-winning Indigenous writer, ethnobotanist, TEK educator and environmental activist, and member of the Blackfeet Tribe of Montana and the Métis, Canada. Her talk will examine the legacies of American science on Indigenous communities in museum and university collections.

Abstract: The collecting of tangible and intangible items for natural history collections in the 19th century amounted to a slow violence within Indigenous communities. This presentation will share the story of how American science and natural history was “not viewed as violence at all,” but impacted the Blackfeet and other Indigenous peoples. It began with the military and scientific expedition of the Lewis and Clark Corps of Discovery and it proceeded throughout the century. American science was built on a “violence of delayed destruction... dispersed across time and space,” without the consent or permission Indigenous communities. And its legacy fills museum and university collections today.

Free Zoom online event. +18 (+16 with parental consent).