Saturday, September 8, 2018 Start time: 6:00 pm


Venue: Picturehouse Central

(Canada 2017.  Dir: Simon Plouffe.  77 mins.  English and indigenous languages with English subtitles)

According to UNESCO, a language ceases to be spoken in the world every fifteen days. THOSE WHO COME, WILL HEAR brings together the speakers of several indigenous languages of Québec – whose dialects face extinction. Simon Plouffe combines sensitive, observational portraits of daily life in the remote communities where these unsung tongues are still spoken with vivid, exquisitely captured field recordings that reveal both the rich musicality of the languages and the cultural importance of these venerable oral traditions. A vital, urgent archival project, Plouffe’s film serves as a profound reflection on the consequences of the erosion of linguistic diversity.

Screens with
THE AMENDMENT | Kevin Papatie | 2007 | Canada | 5’

“Kevin Papatie’s THE AMENDMENT confronts the viewer with the progressive loss of Indigenous language through four generations of residential schools, resulting from the 1920 Amendment to the Indian Act.” – Simon Plouffe

+ Q&A with director Simon Plouffe. This is a European Premiere.

Supported by the High Commission of Canada in the UK. In partnership with Open City Documentary Festival.