Wednesday, September 29, 2021 to Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Open air

Venue: Various locations across the UK

Experience an Indigenous Mexican response to Climate Change this Autumn. 

In Chumatlán, Veracruz, México a 4.5m high totem is carved from a single tree during a ceremony to thank it for giving its life. The head of a man and the wings of an eagle are sculpted into the cedar wood, the chiselled lines imprinting a message that will stretch 9000km from Mexico to London.

Commissioned by ORIGINS and carved by Indigenous Totonac artist Jun Tiburcio, TOTEM LATAMAT is a messenger sent by the Totonac people. "Latamat" means "life" in Tutunakú, and the totem is expressive of Totonac spiritual ideas as they relate to the environment.  It emphasises how deeply our existence is interwoven with nature, calls attention to the damage being done to the seas, the land and the air, and insists that we cannot ignore this destruction any longer. 

TOTEM LATAMAT is travelling to the UK by ship and will visit a range of locations in the UK from the end of September onwards. The totem will finally arrive in Glasgow for the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP26).

28th September –  5th October 2021 
Chiswick House

5th -11th October 2021 
Milton Keynes Station Square 

11th – 14th October 2021 
Fountain Square, Enfield Town 

14th– 18th October 2021 
Warwick Arts Centre 

18th – 21st October 2021 
Rollright Stones, Oxfordshire 

21st – 24th October 2021 
Manchester Museum, University of Manchester

24th – 27th October 2021 
Hexham Abbey 

27th October – 14th November 2021 
The Hidden Gardens, Glasgow 

From 14th November 2021 
The Crichton, Dumfries 
Return to Earth ceremony date tbc

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TOTEM LATAMAT is co-presented by Centro de las Artes Indígenas with the support of The Open University and the Embassy of Mexico.