Resurgence - 再起
Hemp rope and glass bottles, dimensions variable, 2021

In Katratripulr community where I grew up, 
The story of each year represents a passage through life:
The sowing and harvest festivals that follow the growth of millet
A funeral sacrifice that accompanies the disappearance of life
Recording the growth and passing of life year after year.

Look back on yourself
The clues of memory
Comb slowly through your hand.
Leaving the tribe for the city
Studying in a foreign country, an alien environment
Wandering on land where there is nothing
Desperately pursuing your desires.
I was not born optimistic.
For me, there is what you may call ‘suffering’
A lack of love. A lack of love for the self.
I often feel as if I know nothing at all.
But I want you to see my inner world of beauty.

Resurgence - 再起

At that time, I remember
The figure of hard work, the joy of nurturing and growing
At that time, I remember
I am lonely, indulged in the desire to pursue
At that time, I remember
Leaning in desperately, chasing dreams
In my dreams, I am still moving forward

Walking on a road with no end in sight
Working hard to make life bloom