At the core of this exhibition is the need for women’s togetherness: togetherness as a lived practice and togetherness as a methodology, whether that be curatorial approach or personal philosophy. Decolonising Indigenous Taiwanese contemporary art must include privileging the voices and input of Indigenous women artists. By bringing together the voices of respected Elders and three very powerful women artists, the exhibition generates togetherness through trans-Indigenous cultural exchanges across generations. It is about the transmission of knowledge between people, land and river.

Today the rights of women, the protection of Elders, and environmental concerns are critical for Indigenous Taiwanese women.  There is a powerful sense of their search for new unexplored possibilities, as they strive to carve out a place for themselves, an escape or departure from the familiar and the constraints of the COVID-19 pandemic. They deliberately locate themselves in foreign or alien environments with an awareness of their difference, finding connections, experimenting with intensities. The artists in this exhibition, all of whom identify as feminists, make these journeys from the specific starting point of Native community experience, their sovereign words and concerns about environmental reciprocity. 

Cutting edge and contemporary, essentially Indigenous in its decolonial modes of expression, RESURGENCE AND SOLIDARITY: INDIGENOUS TAIWANESE WOMEN'S ART is an international collaboration between research-based exhibitions. International partners include: Indigenous Enter Park (Taiwan), Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival (London, UK), Sámi Dáiddaguovddáš (SDG) Sámi Centre for Contemporary Art (Norway), and ISLA Center for the Arts, University of Guam (Guam, USA). It is a gathering of global Indigenous female artistic activism – including painting, live performance, video installation, socially engaged practice and performative encounters – showcasing contemporary Indigenous women’s performative art, power and knowledge, focused on shifting the current global interest in Indigenous arts towards Indigenous-led conversations and collaborations.  

This online presentation at ORIGINS is supported by the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Artwave and the British Council through the Connections Through Culture Programme.  

Curator's statement by Biung Ismahasan 彼勇.依斯瑪哈單

The artists and the artworks:

- Milay Mavaliw 米類.瑪法琉 

- Eleng Luluan 峨冷.魯魯安

- Aluaiy Kaumakan 阿儒瓦苡.篙瑪竿

Click here for a video tour of the exhibtion

Click here for a video discussion of the exhibition by curator Biung Ismahasan.