Senseless Murmurs

Senseless Murmurs - 無謂的呢喃
Fishing nets, nylon ropes, cotton ropes, 580x300cm, 2020 

My inner world looks like a recycling factory and an assembly line. I have been a waste collector, exploring the trajectories of my life. Each time I moved or migrated, border crossings and encounters. I took my stuff from cardboard boxes and carefully checked them during the process. I realised that each of my personal decisions in the past would be reviewed like a ritual as these items were to be moved from Old Kucapungane and an old mindset to a new one where I lived in the community at Dulan. 

There is an inexplicable summons, a desire to collect deserted things and a persistence to do something that often drive my body to take scanning actions that examine my inner life or to respond to my internal dialogue every day. Just as the entangled fishing nets are tough but soft, they can spread under high tension with nylon ropes weaving through them. Together, the two interlaced symbols have portrayed the tremendous energy contained in the female world. Their interrelated existence is represented respectively.