ORIGINS Festival

Welcome to ORIGINS 2017!

This summer BORDER CROSSINGS’ ORIGINS FESTIVAL once again celebrates the world’s indigenous cultures by delivering an electrifying two-week programme of art, spectacle and discussion to your doorstep.  ORIGINS creates a unique opportunity to engage with indigenous artists, intellectuals and activists at the cutting edge of cultural resistance, environmentalism, and spiritual tradition.  

This year’s voyage transports you to the parched interior of Australia, with the classic theatre piece THE 7 STAGES OF GRIEVING, to the urban spaces of modern Canada in the gritty but witty drama HUFF, to the Pacific Ocean for our outdoor PASIFIKA day and the explosive and vibrant dance piece about climate change, ARE WE STRONGER THAN WINSTON?

We also travel to the Arctic tundra, with awe-inspiring films from Canada and the Russian province of Sakha, as well as our extraordinary closing night concert with the great TANYA TAGAQ, live at the National Maritime Museum.

ORIGINS is about showcasing cultures that are truly different from our own – cultures from which we can learn a great deal.So it is not just about the artists we bring to London – it is about you too.The Festival is a space for genuine dialogue and exchange, a forum where people from wildly different backgrounds can come together, eat, dance, talk and contemplate.

Experience Another Way of Living.