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ORIGINS Festival

Border Crossings

Border Crossings’ ORIGINS Festival celebrates the world’s First Nations in an explosion of art, performance and debate.  

ORIGINS creates a unique opportunity to engage with Indigenous artists and activists at the cutting edge of cultural resistance, environmentalism and spiritual tradition. Working with some of the most significant cultural institutions in London, ORIGINS brings the world's Indigenous artists and cultures to the heart of the capital.

Experience Another Way of Living.

During 2021-22, Border Crossings is running an extended ORIGINS Festival, focussing on the themes of Covid, Climate Change and Colonialism.

The pandemic has prevented us from bringing large numbers of Indigenous artists to the UK for our usual two-week celebration, so instead we are asking ourselves what our decade of Festivals has taught us - how we can learn from Indigenous cultures and incorporate their valuable principles into our own lives without appropriating.  The Festival is reaching out into communities across the UK and beyond, developing new interfaces between online and physical activity, between Indigenous artists and British audiences.

Activities include: